Industry Intelligence

Aggregate Disparate Data to Gain Fresh Insights

Industry Data Platform

Develop Specialized Industry Expertise with an Industry Data Platform

Our Industry Intelligence solution is the leading tool used by high-performing firms to develop specialized industry expertise and create targeted content for their marketing channels. With it, you can easily gather financial and non-financial information, slice and dice it to identify meaningful trends and insights for your clients and prospects, and automatically generate individual reports that differentiate you from the competition. Then use your findings to create content for PR campaigns, white papers, webinars and other marketing channels. The result? Yesterday you were one firm among many. Today, you are a sought-after industry expert, generating word-of-mouth buzz that leads to new business.

  • Capture, standardize and analyze financial data across clients and prospects within your firm’s target industries.
  • Use our survey tools to easily collect non-financial data for more robust analyses.
  • Minimize the time, expense and hassle of conducting customized industry surveys and analyses.
  • Automatically generate individual reports for each client and prospect to differentiate you from the competition.
  • Create unique industry-specific content for your marketing channels to establish your firm as an industry expert.

Does your firm or advisory have a secure, centralized industry data platform for consolidating and analyzing disparate private company data within targeted industries? If not, contact us to learn how our platform and people can help you easily build a standardized, data rich industry intelligence platform.

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