Franchise Intelligence

Collect and Standardize Franchisee Financials for Easy Data Analysis

Timely Franchisee Financials Analysis to Better Manage Your Franchise Systems

Data is everywhere – Franchisee’s Computers, POS Systems, Spreadsheets, Company Store Systems. You need to centralize and standardize your franchise system’s disparate data. Wouldn’t it be great to track franchisee financial trends, thereby reducing financial surprises? Or check to see if a franchisee’s balance sheet and income statement metrics and ratios conform with those of their peers? Implement a franchise platform that gives you, as well as your franchisees, a view into the health of the franchise system.

Our Franchise Intelligence solution helps franchisors and franchisees identify best performers, evangelize best practices, manage risk areas, assess profitability, and strategically target growth based on performance. By unlocking the value of the collective data generated by their franchisees, franchise companies are able to make better decisions, deliver value back to franchisees, and grow their revenue.

  • Easily gather, standardize, analyze and report P&L and KPI data from franchisees
  • Automatically monitor franchisee performance with customizable reports and alerts, to identify best practices and address risk areas
  • Convert data into recommendations to help under-performing franchisees
  • Turn around the data collection value equation, empowering franchisees with real-time access to benchmarked performance metrics and actionable insights
  • Create a road-map to growth by identifying top performers and selling them additional locations

Do you need help collecting, standardizing and aggregating franchisee financial and operational data? Contact us to learn how our platform and people will help.

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