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Collect Disparate Data

collect disparate data

Collect Disparate Data & Build A Single Data Platform

Timely data is the most important asset in any modern enterprise. It drives business intelligence. Partial and stale information can impair operations and devastate an organization’s financial performance.

iLumen’s data platform enables franchisors, industry advisors and financial institutions to capture and standardize disparate financial and non-financial data. We offer a single repository to which companies submit interim financial and operational data. Collect accounting and CRM systems data, operational data and query them with surveys. Does your organization need additional data included in your repository, like commodity prices, demographic data, loyalty programs data or index number? That’s not a problem. Let us know what you need.

We designed the platform with flexibility in mind. For instance, submitting companies do not have to make changes to their accounting system. It can collect and standardize data while participants keep everything exactly the way they have it.

If you can’t collect relevant, up-to-date data how can you control and improve your operations?

Do you need help collecting and standardizing data? Contact us to learn how our platform and people will help.

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