Data Analysis

Analyze Individual Company Movements Against Portfolio Trends

Financial Data Analysis

Analyze Timely, Standardized Data to Power Your Orginization

Our reports and data mining tools allow customers to better analyze and manage their businesses. Modern enterprises must constantly evaluate internal and external data to improve their performance, identify risks, contend with competitors and improve profitability. Crucial to implementing a successful business intelligence program is preparation and distribution of analytical reports to key decision makers in a consistent and timely manner.

iLumen’s platform delivers like no other. Our time-tested data mining and reporting engines rest atop of a centralized repository of up-to-date, standardized and aggregated data. Reports can be generated with one-click or delivered directly to a designated user at a pre-determined time. Event based notifications alert our customers’ team members of changes in data, trends or KPIs.

Our solution is highly customizable with taxonomies and reports defined by customers needs. Our customers analyze individual company trends, create ‘on-the-fly’ peer groups, benchmark granular metrics, audit vendors, find statistical values and so much more. Identify top or poor performers by metric in any region, industry or ad hoc reporting group.

Do you need to deliver better, more timely data to analysts, auditors, directors and other key personnel? Build a single, centralized data repository with event alerting to enable focused analysis of data that matters. Contact us today and learn how our platform and team can improve the way your team does analysis.