Data Aggregation

Aggregate Financial Data and Operational Metrics for Franchisees or Industry Groups

Aggregate Financial Data

Aggregate Financial Data & Operational Metrics

Organizations increasingly rely on timely business intelligence (BI) to better understand and manage their operations. Business intelligence depends on accurate and well structured data sets. Its success is predicated upon the existence of just-in-time aggregate financial data and operational metrics. This requires businesses to feed their BI muscles with healthy structured data sets. Over the past decade, iLumen has built and refined the most sophisticated data aggregation platform available.

Franchisors, industry advisors and financial institutions rely on iLumen’s time tested platform to collect, standardize and aggregate data. Our platform applies the best aggregation techniques to atomic, rolled-up and calculated data. The end results of the aggregated data allows users to gain new insights into the franchise system or industries they serve from once disparate and disjointed data.

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